Prayer Warriors

Prayers of the Day


  • Spent the day enjoying Colorado after 4 hard days of work
    • Skiing at Loveland Resort
    • Hiking at Wind River Ranch
    • Shopping at Estes Park and visiting sites
    • Watching a movie in Ft. Collins
  • Steve, Amber, Sam, Tammy, and Charlie took the day easy but are on the road to full recovery
  • Representative Perry Buck stopped  by to congratulate group and present Sgt. David Phillip a commendation from the State Government
  • Good worship time and group sharing
  • Pray for traveling mercies
  • Pray for sustained spiritual disciplines
  • Pray for convictions to walk more intentionally with the Lord


  • PTL – We are all well and happy to be counted among the healthy … thank you Lord
  • We had a full day of ministry & job completion
    • dug a 600′ ditch by hand
    • remodeled a community leaders home … they came to our brat fry and we were able to pray for their marriage and future together
    • moved a 87 yo woman’s home to completion … she was with us for devotions tonight with her daughter
    • completed a flood wall and the Hawk family came to brat fry … we were able to pray blessings on their family and marriage
    • finished an interior roof on a camp outbuilding … came to brat fry and expressed great appreciation
    • Completed drywalling an upper residence … came to brat fry and was very greatful
    • a group of Menonite workers came to brat fry and stayed for praise music, devotions, awards, moments of the day, ministry moments, and great discussions
  • Pray for safety as our volunteers go three directions tomorrow:
    • Skiing trip to Loveland Skihill
    • Hiking to the summit at Wind River Ranch
    • Shopping in Estes Park and site visitation
  • Group of teens & young adults staying up to 12:30 to sing praise music … the team as bonded beyond expectations
  • 1 Cor 2:9 … No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.


  • Most of our sick volunteers are back on their feet. We are encouraging self-control to wait a period of time before returning to work sites but many are eager.
  • We are starting to complete work and looking forward to greeting  guests for our brat-fry tomorrow… pray we are able to disinfect our gymnasium
  • John A., Charlie, David A, are the latest to go down with illness. Pray for their rapid recovery.
  • David, Jonah, & Tom were able to pray with a mountain guy for reconciliation of a significant relationship.
  • Volunteers are stepping up to new responsibilities …


  • We are now up to 20 sick but several are back on their feet and ready to go back to work 24 hrs after the onset.
  • Imune systems are depleted due to the altitude and the 24-hr stomach bug has the body flushing both upper and lower tracts.
  • Pray for Matt H., Sam, Tamara, Erica, Nick, Laura, Gabe, Carly, Charlotte, Hadassah, Nate.
  • Walter, Tina, Jaden, Hadassah, Linda, Violet, Gage, & Molly are recovering.
  • We are praying that Kirk Hawk and family will come to brat fry
  • Greg Hahn is optomistic about effects of blessing the Overton’s
  • Caretakers are exhausted from last night less thant 3 hrs of sleep; pray for strength for Tom, Jeff, Julie, Chris W. and others who have relocated the sick, cleaned the messes, and held on while people have felt their worst.


  • We have 4 volunteers and 5 children with stomach issues up and down. Pray for Tina, Jaden, Preston, Chris F., Walter, Gage, & Violet, Molly, and Linda. It has been a hard night.
  • Works sites actually got off to a great start
  • We are thankful that the equipment we were going to rent came to us with workers an at no charge
  • The tricky situation with one of the worksites resolved beyond our expectation with the small community taking responsibility for phone lines and welcoming us … we will purchase $1,000 of culverts to make the project complete.


  • Violet, 2 yo, has flue symptoms … pray for healing and it not spreading
  • 1st day of work assignments
  • Direction concerning a project were we could do damage to a phone line running down a dirt road
  • Thanks for team building activities and day of worship
  • Expectations for team and site recipients
  • Logistics for geting the sites in production
  • Exhaustion of Leaders
  • Hydration and acclimating to altitude


  • For Blake & Tom to fill in for Mark McCoy who had to stay home for the first part of the week
  • Thanks for a safe trip to Colorado
  • For Hearts that were moved during Devotions tonight – the Spirit is stirring mightly
    • For release from habitual sins
    • For losing first love
    • Not making the Lord first
    • Not trusting the Lord for personal decisions
  • Safe final arrival of our out of State volunteers
  • Rest especially for the drivers
  • For a great morning of worship
  • For a effective day of tours with Project Leaders – Sunday Afternoon
  • Health; adjustment to the altitude
  • Focus on this week and to leave concerns from home at home; that the week would have it’s full effect.


  • All the gazillion tasks that need to be done before we leave
  • For the families we serve
  • For all the volunteers, specifically for spiritual growth
  • Hydration for all volunteers in preparation for the trip

||If you cannot go|| – but want to help –

Be a prayer warrior throughout the week for our mission trip. It is NEEDED, and we couldn’t have done it in the past without it! God is GREAT. He is our protector, provider, and makes this trip much more than just a week of helping. He can change lives!

COMMIT to PRAY for us: